How To Automate Feedback Collection With Triggers?

1. open Message > Overview

2. click the settings icon in the right corner

3. enter the approved sender in the modal and click save

4. open Messaging > Email Templates

5. click "New Template" to create your template

you can use variables e.g. {{buyer_first_name}} in your email subject or body 

variables will be replaced with order info accordingly before the email sent out

6. open Messaging > Triggers

7. click "New Trigger"

8. click "Select Template"

you can choose the template you just created.

9. config the filtering rules

to exclude/include specific orders or buyers when sending emails

10. set trigger condition

we currently support 5 different trigger conditions: order confirmed, order shipped, order delivered, negative feedback received, neutral feedback received. 

for example:

it means 2 days after the order shipped,  the system will send out this template email to the customer automatically.

and this:

means when a negative feedback received, our system will send out this template email to the customer as soon as possible.

11. click save after done your trigger editing

12. enable your trigger

now all set!

13.  check stats in Message > Overview 

triggers only apply to the new orders, so please be patient, especially if your trigger condition is like "5 days after order delivered", in this case, it may take 7 days or so, for the system to create your emails and send them out.