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Low latency packet description

The rationale for tracking and smart pricing goes like this:

If there is any change in the price list of products, Amazon will send a message to Quan Mai Tong

All sell through needs to deal with the huge amount of quotation changes and judge whether the product is followed or not

The free version processes 10 messages every 30 minutes, and the professional version processes 10 messages every 3 minutes

For general sellers, it is sufficient to meet the monitoring needs, but for sellers with frequent changes in shop or quotation

Due to the large number of messages to be processed, additional low-latency packages need to be purchased to reduce the monitoring latency.

1. How to view and process messages?


Open the above page, the seventh point of the blue box text shows the current number of messages to be processed, if thousands of messages, the delay is serious

2. How to deal with it?


Open the above page, buy low delay package, you can buy by day, deduct 300 points per day

After the purchase, the system will accelerate the processing of messages during the life of the system, usually 3000 messages per minute.

The acceleration scheme is expensive, which is the main reason why we charge credit