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Inventories Page Operation

1.Overview of Inventories Page

①Warehouse Inventory: Display the quantity and cost of gproducts in a specific warehouse, including the quantity of good products, defective products, locked quantity, products amount, inventory cost, etc.

②Position Inventory: Display the inventory quantity of goods in a specific position of the warehouse. The position inventory records only the quantity, not the cost. The position inventory tells the warehouse keeper which products and how many quantities are available in each warehouse location of the warehouse: it is convenient for the warehouse keeper to quickly query which warehouse locations each product is stored in, and quickly pick goods when picking; Improve the operation efficiency and service level of the warehouse.

2.Operating Instructions for Warehouse Inventories

①can quickly search by warehouse, contact name and ISKU

The unit price is calculated according to the "moving weighted average method" of the current warehouse

②List Description

Good lock quantity

Quantity of products in the pending status of the process/split form

+Quantity of good products that have been agreed in the outbounds/transfers/adjustments

Defective lock quantity

Quantity of defective products that have been agreed in the outbounds/transfers/adjustments

Pending arrival quantity

Quantity of products to arrived in the purchase order

Requisition quantity

Quantity of products to finish in the transfer

Total quantity

Good quantity+Good lock quantity+Defective quantity+Defective lock quantity 

Exepected quantity

Total quantity+Pending arrival quantity+Requisition quantity

③Import Initial Values

click Bulk import initial values, Download import template, after filling in the form, import the form.