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How to bulk import landed costs

Currently, there are two pages to modify the cost:

1. Sales > Products page, which is mainly used to quickly modify the current cost of products.

2. Finance >custom costs page is mainly used to further adjust the cost in different periods, which can be imported in batches

Sample file:click to download

Download the sample file, fill it in as required, and click "select file" to import the file.

After importing, you can view / modify the cost. Note:

1. FBM shipping cost, start date and end date are optional, not mandatory

2. During batch import, the cost will be overwritten if the store, market, SKU, start date and end date are the same

Attach a product with multiple cost record value determination rules:

If the time of two cost records overlaps, the record with a later start date is preferred, such as:

Cost record a: purchase cost of $5 from 2021-10-01 to 2021-10-10

Cost record b: from 2021-10-05 to 2021-10-08, the purchase cost is $8

The cost from 10-01 to 10-04 is 5 dollars,

The cost from 10-05 to 10-08 is 8 dollars

The cost from 10-09 to 10-10 is 5 dollars

nameYESauthorization page ”name“
marketplaceYESus, ca, mx, uk, de, es, fr, it
FBM shipping cost
Start date
NOCost effective start time (if it is not filled in, it will be effective in the whole time period) example: 2021/11/1
End date
NOCost effective end time (if it is not filled in, the setting will continue to be used) example: 2021/12/1