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What is Expansion Pack?

Expansion pack https://qmt.io/accounts/mws

After the expansion pack is activated, 10 credits will be deducted per account per day. The expansion pack currently includes the following functions:

a. 24-hour monitoring of listing followers

b. 100% compliant automatic review invitation

c. Automatic synchronization of traffic data (no extension required)

d. Intelligent price adjustment to grab shopping carts (additional points required)

e. Ad campaign out of budget alert

d. Ad campaign hourly budget usage

e. Ad hourly metrics including attributed_conversions, attributed_units, attributed_sales

f. Ad hourly metrics including impressions, clicks, cost(+10 credits / account / day

[Credits description]

1 credit = USD 0.01

Currently, for every purchase of 50,000 credits, an additional 10,000 credits will be given for free. Recharge now.

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