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What if Amazon account is restricted from sending messages?

How do sellers know that their Amazon accounts are restricted from sending messages?

The first step for sellers to determine whether their accounts are restricted is to log in to Amazon Seller Center.Then, open the messages page and open one of the recently sent emails. Finally, check whether the following information appears at the bottom of the message:

This message was not delivered because your account was restricted from sending proactive messages. For more information please check the email inbox associated with your account for a detailed error notification.

If you see this message, please log in to QMT, open the email template, update the template and mailing activity, so as to meet Amazon's compliance requirements. At the same time, until the problem is solved and Amazon cancels the account restriction, suspend any initiative sending activities.

What are the impacts on sellers due to the restriction from sending messages on Amazon accounts?

When Amazon finds that the seller violates its terms of service, it will restrict the seller to send email actively. The impact on sellers is only limited to the inability to actively send emails (Amazon's  messages page is not affected). If the customer sends an email to the seller, the seller can still reply by email. The duration of account suspension is not fixed, with a minimum of 120 hours

Follow up steps to appeal or ask Amazon to revoke the suspension of use restrictions

After finding and solving the problem, the seller can send an email to Amazon to notify the website of the update of the email template. The purpose of this move is to maintain the record in Amazon and prove that the seller has taken measures to prevent the account from being wrongly marked due to the same problem in the future.

If the seller believes that he has not violated Amazon's terms of service and that the account has been suspended due to Amazon's error, please log on to the following website and submit a description to Amazon's seller customer service:


The description shall include evidence or examples to show that the seller did not perform any of the above prohibited operations in the email sent last month.

Amazon Email Best Practices:

No more than 2 mails shall be sent for each order.

Avoid using conditional statements when asking buyers to leave product reviews or feedback.

For example, do not make the following similar statements: "If you are satisfied with this purchase, please leave a comment", or "If you encounter any problems before leaving a comment, please contact our store."

Avoid using words similar to good, happy or satisfied in the email requesting the buyer to leave product comments or feedback.

Don't make "if" statements in the email that the buyer encounters faults/problems, it is recommended to contact the seller.

The following is a link to Amazon's Terms of Service. Please read the terms carefully to have a deeper understanding of how to maintain operational compliance.

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