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How to set ad schedule open?

Before setting the timing, you need to manually synchronize it in QuanMaiTong

1. Go to the "Schedule open" page

Click "New schedule open"in the upper left corner.

Note: The time is the time of the station, for example: North America station is Pacific time (Mexico station is also Pacific time)

Click "Save" when you're done.

2. Select the timing switch template and click "Add campaigns"

Select campaign and click Save

Finally, click "Enable" or turn on the switch


Q1: Why can't I find advertising campaigns

A1: On the Ad manager page, click the Sync button and wait for a few minutes

Q2: Why wasn't it adjusted according to the Settings

A2: ① The set time is the local time of the site. Please confirm that the time is correct.

② An advertising campaign should not have more than one rule to avoid conflict