• SSL Encryption
    Ensure Data Security
  • SPA Authorization
    Amazon Official API Integration
  • Multi Account
    One-Stop Solution
  • Multi Marketplace
    Support NA / EU / JP
  • Multi Currency
    Automated Currency Conversion
  • Real-Time Sales
    Know Your Profits
  • Orders Management
    Real-Time Orders Updating
  • Inventory Monitoring
    Replenishment In Time
  • Automated Messaging
    Get Organic Reviews
  • Automated Pricing
    Win The BuyBox
  • Product Research
    Find Most Profitable Product
  • Feedback Monitoring
    Handle Negative Feedback Easily
  • Listing Hijack Monitoring
    Resolve the "Ghost Listing Hijack"
  • ROI Calculator
    Calculate Return On Investment
  • Customer Management
    Get More Sale Clues
  • Advertising Assistant
    Manage Multi Marketplace Advertising Easily
  • Niche Hunting
    Find Profitable Market
  • FBA Returns
    Track Status Of FBA Returns
  • Automated Blacklist
    Blacklist Unqualified Buyers Automatically
  • Daily Report
    Know Performance With Email